Project Choice
Project Choice is a self-sufficiency program for juvenile offenders and at-risk youth (ages 12-21) with or without disabilities. This program takes a holistic approach to ensuring a successful transition from school to work by focusing on a student’s social, spiritual, educational and vocational development.

Project Choice gives students an opportunity to identify and address issues in their lives that have prevented them from making the right choices and doing effective life planning. Each Project Choice participant must complete a M.A.P.S. (Making Action Plan Strategy), an exercise that helps students to look toward the future and “map out” the paths they will take to ensure a successful transition to adulthood. School attendance or acquisition of a high school diploma or GED is a mandatory requirement of all Project Choice participants. After school tutoring is also offered.

Project Match
Project Match helps young adults between the ages of 16 and 23 with significant disabilities to transition from the classroom to the working world. Through Project Match, students gain the confidence, sense of responsibility and positive work experience they need to become productive members of society. Employers who hire Project Match participants gain eager, qualified employees, as well as Life’sWork’s commitment to providing quality transitional support to the employee.

Workforce Investment Act Program (WIA)
The Youth Ready Certification is intended to be earned through a gradual process developing youth, either in or out of school, into adults prepared for the area workforce. The process requires several work experiences and evaluations. Upon completion of this certification, youth will be equipped to begin successful careers and/or engage in post-secondary education/training.