In-Home Service Program

The In-Home Service Program is an intensive family-based program designed to preserve and strengthen those families who are at risk of having one or more children removed from their homes due to issues of neglect, abuse, housing, and any other issue that could create a dangerous environment for a child. It is also designed to promote the reunification of those children who have already been removed from their families. The Case Manager will maintain regular contact with the client. Home visits will be scheduled as needed, based on the In-Home Service Plan. The Case Manager will provide supportive counseling and guidance, which will assist clients facing problems and crisis to re-establish stability within their home. The Case Manager will also provide practical education and training on skills necessary to adequately perform the activities of daily life. The Case Manager will explore the consumer’s service needs and discuss with the consumer all available and acceptable service options. Homemaking services are also provided for those consumers who have no family or other responsible person available to provide such a service. This service would include basic care and management of the home, non-medical personal care services and instructions in home management, care of dependent members of the household and self care.

Caring Closet

The Caring Closet is a drop center created for the surrounding community and clients of Life’sWork of Western PA. There is a supply of clothing of all types, with a significant focus on providing clothes for clients to wear to job interviews.

Food Pantry
Life’sWork of Western PA holds a monthly food pantry for families in need. The food pantry is every 3rd Wednesday from 10:00AM to 12:30PM. Call 412-471-2600 ext. 224for more information.

Diaper Bank
Life’sWork provides disposable diapers in multiple sizes for both infants, toddlers, school-aged children, and adults. The Diaper Bank is open from 10AM to 2PM Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please bring photo ID, SSI card, proof of income, and birth certificate of child/children.